5 napos Japán ösztöndíj feldolgozó/gyártó üzemek vezetői/menedzserei részére

How to improve productivity and reduce costs in manufacturing!
European Commission-funded programme in Japan - Call for applications
In-depth analysis of Japanese manufacturing methodology.

You are an EU manager; you work in a manufacturing company.
Participate in the 5-day "World Class Manufacturing" training mission in Japan!

The programme provides:
• In-depth analysis of Japanese manufacturing methodology
• Lectures, seminars and panel discussions, presented by experts from Japanese industry
• Company and factory floor (Gemba) visits
• Preparation and post-visit reviews

Training dates in Japan: 12-16 September - Application deadline: Thursday, 12 May 2016

Target: EU managers working in manufacturing EU companies, with knowledge of WCM and an engineering background.

Aims: To improve EU companies manufacturing competitiveness, quality and performance.

Special support for SMEs: No tuition fee and the European Commission grants 600 EUR scholarships to participants from SMEs.

More information:
Contact: Diane LULA: d.lula@eu-japan.eu - Tel:+32 2 282 0040
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